Data Artistry

The training and coaching programme is designed for junior to mid-level professionals who use data in research, M&E or operations to support service delivery and organisational decision-making. The programme is offered in-house and tailored using work relevant data and scenarios.

Our data artistry training was adapted and conducted with multiple development organisations. For example, at CIVICUS we ran a 1 day workshop and provided on-going support to a group of 26 Goalkeepers (global advocacy agents) to improve how they use and present data for advocacy purposes. Adapted trainings have been conducted with The University of Witwatersand, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, He2ro, Wits RHI, African Evidence Network, among others. 2 individuals have shared their success in winning best poster awards at conferences – using infographics and data viz. We also provided this training free to communities of practice, BRIDGE and SAMEA.

Data Artistry programme

Data Heroes

Data Heroes are a team of African, data user personas that were adapted to convey multiple short data collection, analysis, communication and use lessons. These heroes, lessons, tools and learning products are packaged for online, self-paced learning.

The platform is currently in start-up and offers free resources. We are actively exploring collaboration to scale this initiative.