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Data Skills Survey

We want to understand the current data skills among youth, and use the survey as a tool to connect youth to freelance/employment opportunities.

Visualising the geographical network of the first 150 cases of COVID-19 in South Africa

Using SNA to depict the travel hubs of the first 150 cases in South Africa. An example of SNA’s use in improving community tracing.

Focus on the [evaluative] thinking more than the output #goals

As an emerging evaluator @DataInnovator, Rama shares his #goals in improving evaluative thinking.

Choosing the best software to develop dashboards

This blog is a review of three data visualisation software to help me and YOU choose between three dashboard tools: Tableau, Power BI and Google Studio.

Visualising Sustainable Development Goals Data

Author: Tania Mazonde Data visualisation has played a vital role in how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been presented. With the mass of data collated for the SDG indicators, the creative attempts are impressive. Since the adoption of the SDGs in 2015,...

How can Social Network Analysis be used in evaluation?

Social Network Analysis is an innovative approach to measuring and visualizing changes in network-based interventions. It's also quite beautiful! Our MD, Jerusha Govender, presented this introductory webinar as part of the SAMEA webinar series. Check it out:...

Why data communication is a ‘future skill’ that you need to build today

We are currently living in the “fourth industrial revolution”.  According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), it’s defined as the digital revolution in that there is an interaction of the physical, digital and the biological spheres.[1] Some of the implications of...

MERLTech Take-aways

Check out Jerusha’s Vlog on her top 5 take-aways from MERLTech 2017, including where to find volunteer Data Scientists, and who’s been using Blockchain in M&E.


Dashboards – Getting Started

Dashboards – Getting Started

In the organizational development space dashboard has become a recent buzz word. Every organization wants one ─ needs one ─ to monitor their key activities, to make decisions and to demonstrate progress. However developing a dashboard, selecting the key elements to monitor, and determining how to visualize them is often a challenging process.

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